The majority of facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy, patients are concerned about when does the swelling disappear after a facelift and there is nothing wrong with being concerned of that. A lot of people can’t take that much time off from work or are worried about looking back to “normal” before a certain time or event and this is perfectly normal.

I tell most of my facelift patients that most of the swelling after a facelift occurs in the first week or two.  After that time period, the swelling after a facelift is a gradual decrease over time.  Usually by three months, most swelling disappears after a facelift but there may be gradual changes with healing up to a year in some cases.

Every facelift surgery and patient is different so the swelling after a facelift may vary from patient to patient. But for the most part, it’s common to see swelling disappear after a facelift at least three weeks out.