There are various procedures that determine what is involved with breast reduction. And they depend on the patent and their goals.  In most cases, the purpose of these procedures is to reduce breast volume while at the same time improving the overall shape and “lifting” the breast.  The most common technique used in breast reduction procedures is called the “inferior pedicle technique”. This technique leaves the nipple-areolar complex attached to breast tissue underneath.  It is rarely necessary to remove the nipple and then replace it.

Many women choose to have a breast reduction after pregnancy or weight gain, among other reasons, due to the fact that their large breast may not only be painful but pose as a threat to their health and wellness. Large over-proportionate breasts can be painful, cause back, shoulder and neck issues, and just be all-around restrictive for day-to-day activities. Most women wait until their breast have fully-developed or think they may be finished having children before they opt to have a breast reduction performed.

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