So you are wondering, what is the best age for a facelift? Honestly, there is no one right age for a facelift.  It is common for some type of facial procedure to be indicated usually around the age of fifty. But I have performed varying degrees of facelifts for patients who are considerably younger than 50 and many years older than 50.

I evaluate every patient individually because there can be considerable variations from person to person depending on a patient’s heredity, skin quality and overall make up. During consultations, I make recommendations about facial procedures based on many factors.

Over the years I have spoken with a number of patients who came in for a consultation to discuss the facelift procedure. And after hearing their goals and evaluating them, I determined and explained to them how their goals could be best achieved with eyelid surgery or a browlift procedure. Both of which are much more affordable and have a shorter recovery time yet still provided the patient with the results they were most interested in.

We often have patients that first have a more minor procedure for the face to correct some aspect of their appearance that is bothering them, and then return a few years later for a full facelift procedure. The important thing for us is to consider every aspect of a patients condition and make, and then based on these factors, recommending procedure(s) that are best suited to achieving their goals.

Schedule a consultation to discuss the facelift procedure and if it is the best option for achieving your goals.