Teen Facial in Jacksonville

Teen Facial in Jacksonville

Our young men and women deal with a lot in their adolescent years. Athletics, social pressure and of course the hormonal changes they experience as they mature can all lead to poor facial skin condition and acne that if not properly addressed, can lead to lifelong scaring.

We recognize the needs of teens who are experiencing these skin issues and offer teen facials in Jacksonville at our Med Spa to help teens achieve and maintain a healthy skin. We offer teen facials that employ professional skin care products and treatments to unclog blocked pores, reduce oil and poor size, and help clear acne.

Our teen facials in Jacksonville are customized to the needs of each patient but generally include a light preparation cleansing followed by steam to open the pores. A deep cleansing is then performed to improve skin texture, and any necessary extractions are performed. A mask is then used to help draw out any remaining impurities. And lastly, skin toning and moisturizing products are applied to help protect the skin and slow the return of excessive oils.

A Few Common Questions about a Teen Facial in Jacksonville

What if my teen already has acne?

Teens with acne can safely receive a teen facial when performed by licensed aestheticians or skin specialist. The majority of teens have some level of acne, a disorder caused by hormones that inflames skin glands and hair follicles. Acne tends to appear more often in teens due to excessive hormones that that are part of puberty. These excessive hormones produce excess oils that trap dead skin cells and environmental debris which can lead to acne.

What does “extraction” mean?

Extractions are not a part of every teen facial. With respect to facials, the term refers to a technique where the aesthetician will apply pressure to congested areas of the skin to fully cleanse, clear and treat visible blemishes and prevent the risk of scaring. Extractions are generally fast and are followed by additional treatments that are comfortable and refreshing. Your teen may experience some redness after extractions but this will subside usually within a day or so.

What can my teen do to maintain healthy skin?

The most important thing for teens to remember is that their hormones are causing a build up of extra oils that cause problems for their complexion. This problem can be mitigated by washing their face after strenuous activities such as sports, to remove debris and extra oils, and also removing any makeup, washing their face, and using the proper cleanser and moisturizer for their skin type before they go to bed. It’s also helpful to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and try to maintain a healthy diet. These steps will go a long way towards maintaining healthy skin and avoiding acne scaring. Our aestheticians may recommend additional steps or professional products.