Microdermabrasion in Jacksonville, Florida

Skin Repair Treatments with DIAMONDTOME®

How Microdermabrasion Improves Your Skin’s Condition

Over time, our skin goes through a lot of stress that takes a toll on it’s appearance. Your body’s defenses fight toxins, the sun and even pollution on a daily basis and eventually, your skin can begin to appear dull and damaged.

Diamondtome Microdermabrasion WandTo help your skin recover its youthful appearance and tone, we perform Microdermabrasion in Jacksonville for patients using the most advanced equipment available; the DIAMONDTOME® Skin Resurfacing System. Diamondtome’s patented wands provide a crystal free treatment. Instead of crystals, diamond chips are embedded in the tips of the wands which allows them to glide over your skin and smoothly remove older damaged and dead skin cells and debris to reveal completely refreshed, smooth skin.

DIAMONDTOME Microdermabrasion is an excellent way to improve imperfections such as fine lines sun and age spots, and even shallow acne scaring. The condition of you skin and your goals will be used to determine the number of treatments that may be needed.

The Benefits of Diamond Microdermabrasion over Crystal Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that removes the outermost layer of skin. For years, the tips of the vacuum wands used to perform this treatment have been coated with tiny crystals. And while crystals are effective in removing the outermost layer of skin, they have their drawbacks. Chrystal microdermabrasion is highly abrasive and can produce inflammation which can make some skin conditions, such as acne worse. Another downside is a the recovery. Albeit brief, crystal microdermabrasion patients usually cannot go back to work immediately after treatment.

Advanced diamond tipped microdermabrasion is better then crystal tipped microdermabrasion for a number reasons:

  • Gentle and Comfortable! The diamond tip wands comfortably glide across your skin and do not cause inflammation or heat.

  • No Downtime! Most patients go on about their day after treatments with some reporting minor redness immediately after their DiamonTome treatment.

  • Customizable Treatments! The DiamondTome Wands range from fine to extra course allowing adjustments based on the sensitivity of your skin.

  • Amazing Results! Microdermabrasion with diamonds clears away older damaged skin and polishes the skin as effectively as crystals without the side effects of crystal microdermabrasion.

  • Amazing Results! Microdermabrasion with diamonds clears away older damaged skin and polishes the skin as effectively as crystals without the side effects of crystal microdermabrasion.

A Variety of Skin Conditions can be improved with Diamondtome.

The Diamondtome wands can accomplish multiple goals. First, every patient will enjoy improved skin health and a rejuvenated appearance, next, patients will enjoy improvements in sun damaged skin, age spots, fine lines, acne scaring, blackheads and whiteheads, less skin oils and hyperpigmentation.

We have the Right Wand for Your Skin’s Condition

Regardless of your skin’s condition, we have the a crystal free Diamondtome wand for your microdermabrasion in Jacksonville.

Fine and Medium

Fine and medium diamond tip wands are best suited for patients who have mostly healthy skin and are looking to deep clean, refresh and polish the appearance of their skin.

Coarse and Extra Coarse

Our coarse and extra coarse diamond tip wands are best suited for patients who are interested in a more aggressive treatment to address skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin and minor scaring such as acne scaring.

We also have diamond tips wands specifically designed for certain areas of the face, neck and body. flat round wands are ideal for use areas around the face, neck and hands while flat wands are best suited for treating delicate and larger areas.

What to Expect During and After Your Microdermabrasion in Jacksonville

The actual treatment is a fast and pain-free experience that will leave your skin feeling and looking great. Treatments usually take 30 to 45 minutes and there is no downtime or recovery period. You will be able to return to your regular activities or work right after your treatment.

For a week or two after your treatment, you will want to use sunscreen and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as your skin will be sensitive for a few weeks. Immediately after your treatment, the treated areas may appear a slightly red and flushed but this will subside within a half hour.

Your final results will vary with the number of microdermabrasion treatments you elect to receive, but you will notice visible improvements after your first treatments. For further improvements with scaring, fine lines it is not uncommon for patients to receive six to eight sessions spaced a couple of weeks apart.

Regardless of your skin’s condition, a Diamondtome microdermabrasion is a great mild treatment that can produce great results. Schedule a consultation to see if the Diamondtome system is right for you and your goals.