Over the years, a number of men asked me; “is liposuction for men or is it just for women”? And I’m always pleased to let them know that liposuction can be a great option for any woman or man who would like to finally be rid of stubborn areas of body fat.

If a man has problem areas of fat, they are most likely the abdominal area and the flanks or sides, which is undoubtedly why for men, these are the most commonly treated areas. As with women, being a good candidate for liposuction will depend on skin tone and quality. For men, the results after liposuction can be a dramatic reduction of stubborn fat that was not responding to diet and exercise.

It’s is also important for anyone who has benefited from liposuction to remember that going right back to the same lifestyle and diet choices will likely get you right back to where you were before liposuction. Lasting results can only be guaranteed with a healthy diet and regular activity and or exercise.