Jessner’s Peel in Jacksonville

The Jessner’s peel in Jacksonville can be a great peel for a wide range of patients. It is performed by combining three main ingredients; resorcinol which assists in the treatment of acne, salicylic acid which helps penetrate the skin, and lactic acid that helps to exfoliate the skin. This unique combination produces a medium depth penetration that completely exfoliates the outer layers of the skin and causes a natural sloughing or peeling of older, damaged skin a few days after the treatment. After the treatment, the now thoroughly cleansed and stimulated skin begins to produce new smoother and younger skin. The Jessner’s Peel can be particularly helpful for patients who have fine to medium wrinkles, sun and environmental damage, oily skin and even skin with active acne.

After your Jessner’s Peel in Jacksonville

As we mentioned, after your Jessner’s Peel, you should expect your skin in the treated areas to begin to slough and peel and you will be advised to not us any makeup for the first couple of weeks. Do not try to expedite the natural peeling and sloughing of the older, damaged skin. Your new skin will be extra sensitive to the sun so avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. We will provide you with guidance on the use of cleansers, lotions and creams in the initial weeks after your treatment. After a couple of weeks, patients can usually begin to wear makeup again and resume all activities.