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Welcome to the First Coast Plastic Surgery Blog. Here Dr. David Csikai post info and recommendations about various procedures and treatments and answers all kinds of questions that patients have asked about different procedures and treatments. Thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you find it to be a useful resource.

What is Botox and what are the side effects?

Thousands of people use Botox injections daily, so as someone who has never heard or utilized Botox injections, one may wonder, what is Botox and what are the side effects? Botox is purified botulinum toxin and is used cosmetically to prevent or lessen the lines caused by muscle movement. Dysportis a competitor's product that does exactly the same thing but [...]

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Can a forehead lift be done endoscopically?

Yes, a forehead lift can be done endoscopically and nowadays most cases should be done endoscopically as the technology is available along with numerous clinical studies showing their efficacy. Performing a forehead lift endoscopically means there are less incisions involved and recovery can take place much quicker than with the archaic coronal approach. But when the endoscope is used for [...]

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How long after breast augmentation can you drive?

The day of your breast augmentation, we require someone to drive you home. But if you are wondering how long after breast augmentation you can drive, most people are driving within a week. The reason we recommend that you wait at least a week after breast augmentation to drive is mainly a safety issue.  The patient would need to be off pain [...]

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Where can I find free plastic surgery?

It can be difficult to find free plastic surgery.  Most insurance plans do not cover any types of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. Some universities and training programs may offer discounted fees for this type of surgery. Sometimes, plastic surgeons will even offer their services as pro bono for individuals, but this is usually to the discretion of the surgeon performing the procedure. [...]

Does a minifacelift include the neck?

No. In general a minifacelift does not include the neck, it generally addresses only the mid to lower face. A minifacelift is very effective in correcting deeper nasolabial folds along with some jowling.  Also, a minifacelift can help improve the cheek area of the face. To improve the neck, a full facelift(rhytidectomy)or just a necklift by itself would be needed. By: Dr. [...]

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