Plastic surgery for the face and neck including face lift, brow and forehead lift, eyelid surgery and nose surgery.

Can a forehead lift be done endoscopically?

Yes, a forehead lift can be done endoscopically and nowadays most cases should be done endoscopically as the technology is available along with numerous clinical studies showing their efficacy. Performing a forehead lift endoscopically means there are less incisions involved and recovery can take place much quicker than with the archaic coronal approach. But when the endoscope is used for a browlift, strategically placed incisions may be hidden easier or concealed easier than traditional browlift surgery. By: Dr. David N. Csikai, M.D.

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Where can I find free plastic surgery?

It can be difficult to find free plastic surgery.  Most insurance plans do not cover any types of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. Some universities and training programs may offer discounted fees for this type of surgery. Sometimes, plastic surgeons will even offer their services as pro bono for individuals, but this is usually to the discretion of the surgeon performing the procedure. There is a site I know of called that allows people to have money donated for their procedure, but that would be up to the individual to decide if they would like to go that route.  There are also [...]

Does a minifacelift include the neck?

No. In general a minifacelift does not include the neck, it generally addresses only the mid to lower face. A minifacelift is very effective in correcting deeper nasolabial folds along with some jowling.  Also, a minifacelift can help improve the cheek area of the face. To improve the neck, a full facelift(rhytidectomy)or just a necklift by itself would be needed. By: Dr. David N. Csikai, M.D.

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What is a Good Age to Get a Facelift?

So you are wondering what is a good age to get a facelift? Honestly, there is no one right age for a facelift.  It is common for some type of facial procedure being indicated at about the age of fifty.  However, at First Coast Plastic Surgery, we look at every patient individuallly because there is so much variation depending on a patient's heredity, skin quality and overall make up.  It is very common for a plastic surgery patient to have eyelid surgery or a browlift surgery and then return a few years later for a full facelift procedure.

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Why Do People Struggle When Deciding on Having Plastic Surgery?

So, why do people struggle when deciding on having plastic surgery? Well, I think that people struggle for a number of reasons. One could be the feeling or guilt of doing something totally for themselves rather than others.  Many women neglect themselves while raising their families and only after the children are grown up do they take time for themselves. Another reason for struggling with the decision of plastic surgery is of course is financial. Either people don't want to finance their plastic surgery or they just can't afford it completely. A third reason that is very common is that so [...]

When Does Swelling Disappear After a Facelift?

The majority of facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy, patients are concerned about when does the swelling disappear after a facelift and there is nothing wrong with being concerned of that. A lot of people can't take that much time off from work or are worried about looking back to "normal" before a certain time or event and this is perfectly normal. I tell most of my facelift patients that most of the swelling after a facelift occurs in the first week or two.  After that time period, the swelling after a facelift is a gradual decrease over time.  Usually by three months, most swelling [...]

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