Plastic Surgery for the body including Body Sculpting and contouring, and liposuction.

Where can I find free plastic surgery?

It can be difficult to find free plastic surgery.  Most insurance plans do not cover any types of cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. Some universities and training programs may offer discounted fees for this type of surgery. Sometimes, plastic surgeons will even offer their services as pro bono for individuals, but this is usually to the discretion of the surgeon performing the procedure. There is a site I know of called that allows people to have money donated for their procedure, but that would be up to the individual to decide if they would like to go that route.  There are also [...]

What is a tummy tuck?

It's not uncommon to wonder what is a tummy tuck? The name itself doesn't really describe what it is or what the procedure entails. Abdominoplasty, the medical term for what is commonly called a "tummy tuck," involves surgically removing excess skin and fat from the middle and lower part of the abdomen and sometimes tightening the abdominal muscles. The result is a flatter abdomen, and sometimes, a smaller waist, because the procedure corrects loose, sagging skin and excess fat. Any scars are usually located below the line of a swimsuit or underwear. Many times, our patients will opt for a [...]

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What is cellulite?

What is cellulite, you ask? Ah yes, the ever-pesky cellulite. So many patients ask what is cellulite on a daily basis and usually it's followed by "How can I get rid of cellulite?" Cellulite is a term that is used to describe fat deposits under the skin that outwardly give the skin a dimpled, or orange-peel like appearance. Cellulite is most often seen in women because the fat is arranged in large chambers separated by columns of collagen fibers. Fibrous strands of tissue connect your skin to deeper tissue layers, creating compartments of ordinary fat cells. When the fat cells [...]

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What Happens If I Don’t Wear My Garments After Liposuction?

We sometimes have some of our liposuction surgery patients call up to our plastic surgery office and ask "what happens if I don't wear my garments after liposuction" and our answer if simple. The purpose of the garment is to give you support after your liposuction procedure. Not only is the garment supposed to make you feel more comfortable and help with the swelling, but it's supposed to help with your overall results.  I find that if a garment is not worn as it should be, the liposuction patient does not get as good a result.  Unfortunatley, the patient may be left [...]

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How much does liposuction cost?

The first question people ask when it comes to liposuction is 'how much does liposuction cost?' Overall, the cost of liposuction varies from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon and region to region.  Most charge per area suctioned, such as two areas for abbdomen and sides.  Sometimes surgeon feees and anesthesia are quoted separately, so make sure that you understand the total cost of your liposuction procedure and what it includes.

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Can Men Have Liposuction on the Stomach and Love Handles?

Lots of men wonder if liposuction is just for women or if men can have liposuction on the stomach and love handles. For men, the stomach and love handles are the most common areas to perform liposuction.  The results can be dramatic and help men with areas that they just cannot get rid of with exercise.  Once again, their result is dependent on their skin tone and quality, along with the maintenance of a healthy-weight and diet.

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Can My Fat Be Donated and Used for Plastic Surgery?

Everyone wished they can have fat sucked out and used for something else! Well, it's true, you can! Fat may be harvested and then reinjected in multiple areas in plastic surgery procedures.  Fat injection may be performed on the lips and face most commonly.  There are also techniques to inject fat in the buttocks region for enhancement.

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Can You Have a Baby After a Tummy Tuck?

Many women ask if you "Can you have a baby after a tummy tuck?" and even I have had patients have babies after tummy tucks. It's not uncommon for women to have babies after tummy tucks. But I would reccommend waiting for a tummy tuck if you know that you would like another child.  The belly wall will stretch with having a baby and your result will be changed.  I have re-operated after patients have had a child to improbe their result.

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Why Do People Struggle When Deciding on Having Plastic Surgery?

So, why do people struggle when deciding on having plastic surgery? Well, I think that people struggle for a number of reasons. One could be the feeling or guilt of doing something totally for themselves rather than others.  Many women neglect themselves while raising their families and only after the children are grown up do they take time for themselves. Another reason for struggling with the decision of plastic surgery is of course is financial. Either people don't want to finance their plastic surgery or they just can't afford it completely. A third reason that is very common is that so [...]

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