Beta Hydroxy Acid Peel

Deep Cleanse Pores and Clear Old Skin for a Fresh New Appearance

Beta hydroxy acid peels, (BHAs) vary from alpha hydroxy acid peels, (AHAs) in a few different ways. BHAs, (Beta Hydroxy Acid) is naturally occurring and derived from willow tree bark. This is a benefit as willow tree bark is also where we get aspirin. More on why this is a benefit below. Beta hydroxy acid is clinically known as “Salicylic Acid” and is oil-soluble where AHA’s are water-soluble and are usually comprised of a variety of organic acids from fruits, vegetables, plants and milk.

The Key Benefits of a Beta Hydroxy Acid Peel

One of the key benefits of the Beta hydroxy acid peel is its oil-soluble characteristic. This makes BHAs particularly effective at penetrating and deep cleansing oil clogged pores making it a great treatment for those who suffer with acne if used regularly. Salicylic acid can also prevent new acne and blackheads. The other key benefit that we alluded to above is that salicylic acid is derived from the same place as aspirin and has a similar topical anti-inflammatory benefits. We have also found beta hydroxy peels effective in reducing age spots and sun spots, and to diminish dark spots, (hyperpigmentation).

Interested in a Beta Hydroxy Acid Peel?

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