Enzyme Peel

A Gentle Yet Effective Skin Renewing Facial Peel Treatment

Most have heard of enzymes, they are the naturally occurring proteins found in the meats, fruits and vegetables we all eat. When we eat these foods, the enzymes found in them perform as a digestive aid by accelerating a chemical reaction. This is the basis of the Enzyme Peel.

Most enzyme peels are made up of enzymes found in fruit. While enzymes exist in all fruits, a few of the most common fruit based enzymes used in enzyme peels are those found in pineapples, pumpkins, papayas and blueberries. Each of these enzymes help the enzyme peel perform in ways that include reducing redness, softening oils and clearing clogged pores. They also hydrate, combat oil and soften skin.

Enzyme peels are considered to be the most delicate type of facial peel primarily because they target only the top layer of the skin. The top layer of our skin contains a protein called “keratin”. As we live and age, keratin can build in this top layer of skin and cause our skin to feel rough. Enzyme peels target and “digest”  this protein to create a smoother more youthful appearance. Enzyme peels do not promote the growth of new skin cells like Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy peels do. They are able to refine and clear pores, and remove dead skin cells without irritation or causing sensitivity to sunlight.

Interested in an Enzyme Peel?

If you would like to experience renewed and refreshed skin without discomfort of downtime, an enzyme peel might be just the thing for you. Schedule a consultation with our skin care specialists by calling (904) 730-5052, or use our “Questions & Consults” form and we’ll get back to you right away.