Will Microdermabrasion Get Rid of Acne Pitting?

Microdermabrasion is a wonderful procedure that helps refresh the face after intense sun damage and aging. If you are wondering will microdermabrasion get rid of ance pitting, the answer varies. If the acne pitting is deep, microdermabrasion will not get rid of them.  It can help open up your pores and get a better skin tone, but to improve the deep acne pits, more aggressive treatments would be necessary. These may include regular dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser resurfacing treatments.

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Do Frown Lines Really Disappear With Botox?

Have you ever seen frown lines on a person who has received Botox injections? Then it must be true, frown lines really disappear with Botox! Yes, frown lines definitely can disappear entirely with Botox.  Although, it depends on your skin quality and the depth of any permanent wrinkles, but they frown lines can disappear with Botox.  The area will always look better with Botox, but deeper lines are permanent and will still be present although not as severe.  At times it is helpful to inject these lines with a hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane.

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What Can I Expect From Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

If your having lymphatic massage procedure performed, it's quiet natural to wonder what can I expect from lymphatic drainage massage. Lymphatic drainage massage works by opening up natural lymphatic drainage channels in the body.  After plastic surgery, swelling can occlude these channel preventing appropriate drainage. Lymphatic massage can speed up the drainage and decrease the swelling present.  It can be useful after facial procedures and liposuction.

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How much does liposuction cost?

The first question people ask when it comes to liposuction is 'how much does liposuction cost?' Overall, the cost of liposuction varies from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon and region to region.  Most charge per area suctioned, such as two areas for abbdomen and sides.  Sometimes surgeon feees and anesthesia are quoted separately, so make sure that you understand the total cost of your liposuction procedure and what it includes.

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What is a Good Age to Get a Facelift?

So you are wondering what is a good age to get a facelift? Honestly, there is no one right age for a facelift.  It is common for some type of facial procedure being indicated at about the age of fifty.  However, at First Coast Plastic Surgery, we look at every patient individuallly because there is so much variation depending on a patient's heredity, skin quality and overall make up.  It is very common for a plastic surgery patient to have eyelid surgery or a browlift surgery and then return a few years later for a full facelift procedure.

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Can Men Have Liposuction on the Stomach and Love Handles?

Lots of men wonder if liposuction is just for women or if men can have liposuction on the stomach and love handles. For men, the stomach and love handles are the most common areas to perform liposuction.  The results can be dramatic and help men with areas that they just cannot get rid of with exercise.  Once again, their result is dependent on their skin tone and quality, along with the maintenance of a healthy-weight and diet.

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Can My Fat Be Donated and Used for Plastic Surgery?

Everyone wished they can have fat sucked out and used for something else! Well, it's true, you can! Fat may be harvested and then reinjected in multiple areas in plastic surgery procedures.  Fat injection may be performed on the lips and face most commonly.  There are also techniques to inject fat in the buttocks region for enhancement.

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Can You Have a Baby After a Tummy Tuck?

Many women ask if you "Can you have a baby after a tummy tuck?" and even I have had patients have babies after tummy tucks. It's not uncommon for women to have babies after tummy tucks. But I would reccommend waiting for a tummy tuck if you know that you would like another child.  The belly wall will stretch with having a baby and your result will be changed.  I have re-operated after patients have had a child to improbe their result.

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Why Do People Struggle When Deciding on Having Plastic Surgery?

So, why do people struggle when deciding on having plastic surgery? Well, I think that people struggle for a number of reasons. One could be the feeling or guilt of doing something totally for themselves rather than others.  Many women neglect themselves while raising their families and only after the children are grown up do they take time for themselves. Another reason for struggling with the decision of plastic surgery is of course is financial. Either people don't want to finance their plastic surgery or they just can't afford it completely. A third reason that is very common is that so [...]

Are breast implants associated with strange diseases?

Many studies have been performed to see are breast implants associated with strange diseases and out of these numerous studies they show that there is no connection between breast implants, in particular silicone breast implants, and the development of autoimmune connective tissue diseases. Millions of women have or have had breast implants and their rate of developing these diseases were no higher than those that did not have breast implants.

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