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Dr. David N. Csikai
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Jacksonville

Dr. David Csikai, of First Coast Plastic Surgery, is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in most types of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures in Jacksonville. Please contact our plastic surgery office for more information.

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Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic Medicine / Plastic Surgery News From Medical News Today
Reconstructive surgery may be aided by 'squid sucker ring teeth' material
07/04/2014 03:00 AM
Squid tentacles are loaded with hundreds of suction cups, or suckers, and each sucker has a ring of razor-sharp "teeth" that help these mighty predators latch onto and take down prey.

Study examines aesthetic nasal tip projection and rotation in white women
06/26/2014 04:00 PM
A nasal tip rotation of 106 degrees was considered the most aesthetic in a study of young white women, although what defines beauty for white faces is not necessarily applicable to the faces of...

Experience with soccer-related facial fractures reviewed by Brazilian surgeons
06/19/2014 04:00 AM
Fractures of the nose and other facial bones are a relatively common and potentially serious injury in soccer players, reports a Brazilian study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery-Global...

Type of breast cancer surgery women undergo influenced by surgeons and health care settings
05/03/2014 03:00 AM
Breast cancer is one of the few major illnesses for which physicians may not recommend a specific treatment option.

Study shows regenerative medicine improves muscle strength and function in leg injuries
05/02/2014 05:00 AM
Damaged leg muscles grew stronger and showed signs of regeneration in three out of five men whose old injuries were surgically implanted with extracellular matrix (ECM) derived from pig bladder...

Injectable drug offers promises as a nonsurgical alterntative to reducing fat under the chin
04/30/2014 05:00 AM
Skin laxity and fat buildup under the chin is a common concern among facial aesthetic patients.

Engineered cartilage tissue grown from cells of the patients' nasal septum used to reconstruct nose
04/14/2014 03:00 AM
Scientists at the University of Basel report first ever successful nose reconstruction surgery using cartilage grown in the laboratory.

Could depression be treated with botox?
04/03/2014 05:00 AM
New study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research reports that patients injected with onabotulinumtoxin A ("Botox") demonstrated substantial improvement in their depressive...

Breast implants are still overwhelming choice for women, but since 2000 breast lifts are up 70 percent
04/02/2014 03:00 AM
New statistics released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that breast lift procedures are growing at twice the rate of breast implant surgeries.

Motorbike crash victim's face repaired with 3D printing
03/13/2014 06:00 AM
Surgeons in Wales used pioneering 3D technology to repair the face of a man badly injured in a motorbike crash. They 3D printed bone reconstruction guides and titanium implants.

Injections of fillers for cosmetic treatment can open the door to bacteria
03/13/2014 03:00 AM
Many people have 'fillers' injected into their facial tissue to give them 'bee-stung lips' or to smooth out their wrinkles.

New approach to breast reconstruction surgery reduces opioid painkiller use, hospital stays
03/05/2014 04:00 AM
A new approach to breast reconstruction surgery aimed at helping patients' bodies get back to normal more quickly cut their postoperative opioid painkiller use in half and meant a day less in the...

Shedding light on Apert syndrome development with the help of 3-D imaging
03/04/2014 03:00 AM
Three dimensional imaging of two different mouse models of Apert Syndrome shows that cranial deformation begins before birth and continues, worsening with time, according to a team of researchers who...

Reconstructing faces using human stem cells from fat
03/03/2014 10:00 AM
Researchers in the UK are progressing their work on facial reconstruction by combining existing techniques with stem cell therapies.

Stem cells from fat tissue show promise in reconstructive surgeries for face and skull
02/24/2014 04:00 AM
A new study released in Stem Cells Translational Medicine shows that many patients with defects to the skull, face or jaw bone might benefit from reconstructive surgery combining stem cells taken...

Tissue Fusion to commercialize laser surgical device developed at University of Colorado
02/21/2014 04:00 AM
Tissue Fusion and the University of Colorado recently completed a license agreement that will allow the company to continue developing a new surgical device that utilizes lasers, rather than staples...

Study finds more women receiving breast reconstruction after mastectomy
02/20/2014 03:00 AM
A new study finds that the majority of women who undergo mastectomy for breast cancer go on to get breast reconstruction, a practice that has increased dramatically over time.

Consensus guideline on margins for breast-conserving surgery with whole-breast irradiation issued by ASTRO and SSO
02/12/2014 02:00 AM
Guideline focused on reducing ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence in stages I and II invasive breast cancer The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and the Society of Surgical...

Large skin flaps developed to reconstruct severe facial defects
02/07/2014 03:00 AM
Chinese surgeons develop 'monoblock' flaps to reconstruct severe facial defects, reports the journal of craniofacial surgeryPatients with massive burns causing complete loss of the facial skin...

For older women with breast cancer, brachytherapy offers lower rate of breast preservation compared to standard radiation
02/03/2014 03:00 AM
When comparing treatments designed to enable long-term breast preservation for older women with invasive breast cancer, researchers found those treated with brachytherapy were at higher risk for a...


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Dr. David Csikai is a board certified plastic surgeon whose skilled team at First Coast Plastic Surgery has helped many Jacksonville plastic surgery patients achieve lasting, natural and youthful results. Dr. Csikai and the Jacksonville plastic and cosmetic surgery team at First Coast Plastic Surgery are considered the Jacksonville breast augmentation and Jacksonville breast enlargement specialists. Be sure to browse through our list of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures to discover more about all of our surgical and non-surgical procedures! Contact one of our cosmetic surgery team members today for more information!
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